Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Justice and the Lake of Fire

Justice calls out:

The punishment must fit the crime!

Created from nothingness we must choose
and be judged by the Son some day
Did we love darkness or light?
Were our actions wicked or true?
Did we believe in him who was lifted up,
or did we look away?

When we cry "Lord, Lord," that fateful day
will Jesus say, I never knew you; depart from me?
If so a terrible penalty must be paid,
first awful knowledge, then annihilation
Those He does not knowundone

The literalist calls out:

But that’s not what the scriptures say!

What of the undying worm and outer darkness?
Bodies cast into Hades, Hell, and Abaddon,
the lake of fire, unquenchable flame,
gnashing of teeth, and the rich man's torment?

That’s quite a list, frightful in fact,
but maybe this is the second death
dressed in dreadful metaphor and hyperbole
Perhaps these devices are only flashlights, weakly gesturing
Is not justice a brighter light?

The problem remains, exact reader,
how Godwho requires us to do justice,
love kindness, and walk humbly,
could torture forever those that annoy Him

For us cruelty to a fly for a day would be evil
Can the source of all love require souls in endless pain?

On Judgment Day the lost will truly be destroyed,
but eternal torment is not their fate
They did not ask to be brought out from darkness
Darkness will claim them again

Justice is done and the remnant is saved


Kimmy said...

Beautiful... exactly what I needed to read today!

VirusHead said...

Better yet.... in God's mysterious way, he brings all - somehow - into the light.