Thursday, October 18, 2007

Monologue on a leaf

Photosynthesis is complicated, a few complexes that do it are shown to the left

We can’t recreate it today

That’s a shame--it captures solar energy almost for free

A recent study suggests that photosynthesis is even more complicated than we thought

It looks like quantum computing is involved

This is bad news for those trying to replicate photosynthesis

Because we can’t do quantum computing either

Many say that only God could have created photosynthesis—or quantum computers

Because it's so complicated

I used to

Not long ago the sun was a mystery too

People have looked at the sun for thousands of years

And wondered how it could be

Einstein didn’t know how the sun worked in 1905 when he introduced e=mc^2

Now we can do fusion

Eventually I expect we will be able to do photosynthesis without a plant

Then, when we know how a leaf works, maybe we can see how it came to be

Will God change His pattern and stump science forever with a leaf?

He could do this

But so far in all the things we understand well God chooses to keep His face behind a veil.

And require Christians to live by faith

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